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48: Resist your instinctive reflex to complain and find a better solution!

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Ep 48 Complaining

The thing about complaining is that, in general, it is negative. Negative energy that most people don’t always notice. Have you ever walked into a room and the conversation is a bunch of people complaining about the same thing? One negative comment after another that builds upon itself. Sometimes it just starts as what was meant to be a venting session of anger or frustration towards a person or recent event, and then it snowballs into a conversation about the end of the world! Look inward towards things you can change and achievable solutions. Realize there are things you can control, your actions, your behavior, your reactions, and your responses. The same goes for things you can't control, other people's actions, behaviors, etc. Be the example, set the standard, lead with your efforts and the rest will follow.

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