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Meet Kate Frank: Book Coach & Ghostwriter

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Ghostwriter/Editor for Passionate Thought Leaders Who are Ready to Become a BOOK AUTHOR

As a ghostwriter, Kate works with people who have already established their expertise in their field of work. Her clients include public speakers, C-suite professionals, physicians and other thought leaders who are serious about making a difference in the lives of their readers. These authors have proven their authority. Now they want to expand their influence with a book of their own.

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Introducing Kate

Kate Frank: Author, Speaker, Small Business Content Strategist

Book Coach and Ghostwriter

It was a natural transition for Kate to move into ghostwriting books for Authority Clients. The role she plays in crafting successful, profitable books for her author clients combines her decades of marketing experience, her uncanny ability to listen to others well and her clear, concise language skills.

​​Most authors come to the task of authoring a book with at least some hesitation. They question whether their book can succeed in the overcrowded book marketplace. They wonder if anyone will want to read the book. If it is their first book, they really don't know where to start at all. The truth is, for many book authors their intense pride at first holding a book with their name as author on the cover - sadly and slowly descends into disappointment when they learn book sales are not as easy as they expected.

It's why hiring Kate as your ghostwriter is different than you will find with another academic-minded, editor-turned-ghostwriter. Marketing savvy begins with a successful book long before the book is published. Learn more about the process of working with Kate on this page.

Kate's Writing Background

Kate has written over 1,100 pieces of content in the last seven years. They are all out on the internet, but you won’t find them. They are almost all published in the name of other business authors. As a ghostwriter for more than a hundred expert clients with names you would recognize, Kate has proven her ability to offer an unparalleled level of quality to her clients.

In our overwhelmed and internet-crazed world, the way Kate writes for her clients' changes how the game is played. Her clients know consistent publication into the world wide web is essential to keeping their business afloat. Kate has a unique ability to adapt to the “voice” of her client authors, no matter their area of expertise.

​She started by ghostwriting articles and blog posts. She earned the trust of her author clients and made them proud to publish her work in their name. Her writing is found on Vistage, the national Chamber of Commerce, Business2Community, Salesopedia, SellingProf, and many other popular online destinations. One author client has enjoyed being a newspaper columnist for more than five years - with the help of Kate’s writing.

Soon after becoming a trusted article writer, she started developing web content. Crafting words for a business on their web page is not for the faint of heart. She understands the goal is to engage the web visitor in milliseconds - because today’s consumer has the attention span of a buzzing bee. She provides more value with fewer words and her client’s results prove it. Mark Twain is quoted as saying, "Sorry this letter is so long. I didn't have time to write a short one." Few people, other than web writers, understand the challenges of crafting concise, clear communication with excellent copywriting.

Kate is phenomenally good at being simple and straightforward. She is able to make the reader understand what is being offered by the client and then take action to purchase, call or email in response. This active response from readers is what copywriting is all about. Kate excels at engaging readers. This proven skill is good for book authors too.

Decades before becoming a ghostwriter, Kate wrote for local, state and national magazines, starting around 1993. She is a recognized writer in the nonfiction field with special focus on marketing, real estate, and general business success. She was also a published author contributor in five books between 2004 and 2009.

Personal Look at Kate

When I am considering someone to work with me, I really like to know something personal about them, so here is a little personal information about Kate. I will write it in the third person because it is the "proper" way to talk about yourself.

She has a silly side and loves to find reasons to laugh out loud. She knows it is old-fashioned to use the entire words, but often prefers them over LOL.

She is an outgoing introvert. For some people, this terminology sounds like an oxymoron. Trust me, it is accurate and I will probably write a blog post about it eventually.

​She has had many challenges over the years (like most of us,) but the most impactful challenge has been her struggle with her health. You can learn more about this aspect of her in this blog post.

She is infinitely curious about life and the curiosity drives her to truly enjoy the life of a ghostwriter. She is able to draw out the fascinating subject matter from her clients, take an objective "arm's length" look at the content of her client's books, and never be bored. It's the perfect life for her.

She lives alone and works from home with her two adorable, and sometimes annoying, cats. She doesn't plan to be single for the rest of her life, but she is comfortable with her own company. Life is quite good.​

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Interview Kate Frank Book Coach Ghostwriter
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