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Wes Schaeffer: The Sales Whisperer | Ep 63

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Wes Schaeffer: The Sales Whisperer | Ep 63
Wes Schaeffer: The Sales Whisperer

After being in the US Air Force, Wes worked in the sales field making a great income, traveling the country and the world and still wasn’t happy. Wes started The Sales Whisperer in 2006 to train passionate but confused sales managers, rehabilitate hungry but abused salespeople, and wake up dreaming entrepreneurs. Since then he has helped over 5k executives, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals in over 29 countries achieve predictable, repeatable sales growth by implementing his transferrable, proven processes. Wes combines un-common sense, pig-headed determination, and attention-to-detail to help his clients dig deep to do what needs to be done to grow. He is also a prolific writer with over 800 blog posts, two books in print, his third set for release and nearly 400 episodes of The Sales Podcast. Wes is a sought-after international speaker, sales trainer, and copywriter who believes marketing is just selling in print.

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