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Pharaoh Kelley | Ep 72

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Pharaoh Kelley
Pharaoh Kelley, Empowering The Youth

In this episode, I talking with Pharaoh Kelley. Raised by his mother in the Brownsville section in Brooklyn, New York, Pharaoh endured hardships from early on. Economic instability, family trauma, and depression remain constant throughout the years. Life presented only two choices: continue to live in a generational cycle, or rise above the circumstances and make a change. His vision of what he wanted life to be led him on a path, in which he conditioned his mind to allow him to make significant changes in his life. The Ultimate Gift is knowledge, and Pharaoh's main mission is to inform youth of all ages the ability to master their minds so that they can Master their lives. Pharaoh’s mission is to show the importance of having a positive mindset no matter their current situation.

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Interview Pharaoh Kelley
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