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Meet Evan Knox: Small Business Marketer and Investor | Ep 79

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Evan Knox: Small Business Marketer and Investor
Small Business Marketer and Investor

In this episode, I’m talking with Evan Knox. Evan is the Founder of Caffeine Marketing and a small business investor. Caffeine Marketing makes profitable marketing easy for small companies. As an investor Evan helps small companies double and sometimes even triple their bottom line.

Evan talks about how growing up with a long family history of entrepreneurs, has helped influence the way he thinks about business marketing. The adjustments we can think about making to our businesses in the new world economic market. And much more to help you think about how to flourish in this new world.

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Meet Evan Knox The Small Business Marketer & Investor

Evan Knox Founder of Caffeine Marketing
Evan Knox Founder of Caffeine Marketing

My (Evan) mission is to help business owners grow without stressing out.

Every day I wake up excited to help business owners and entrepreneurs like my Dad and Grandfather succeed. I’ve now helped over 100 business leaders like you grow thriving companies.

While we may not be family, we can do this together.

Caffeine Marketing

Our Mission, To Grow Companies That Make People’s Lives Better

Why Caffeine?

Unlike hiring a team in-house, we must habitually help you grow your company and increase revenue to keep you as a client. We do this with a dream team of creators, designers, marketing professionals, and social media experts. We're based in Atlanta, Georgia, but work with clients across the world.

Our founder, Evan Knox, started our company with the deep conviction that no great business should have lousy content. From Social Media, websites, and everything in between, we produce marketing that works. We're able to price exceptionally competitively because of our efficient processes and low overhead from working remotely.

Source https://caffeine.marketing/about-us 

See Evan’s book recommends at thesocialchameleon.show/Evan-Knox

Interview Evan Knox Small Business Marketer Small Business Investor
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