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Meet Clay Green: Flow & Performance Coach

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Clay Green: Flow & Performance Coach

Early on in his life, he embraced an educational and adventurous lifestyle that included extremes like operating nuclear reactors on US Navy submarines, and the engineering and manufacturing meccas of Intel, literally building the technology we don't think about but is powering the ability to do this right now! Mastering those environments led to embracing other extremes as well!

Riding Snowboards and Sports Motorcycles, then training riders in both genres and coaching racers became passions for his life!

But something was still missing, he still struggled to accomplish ONE thing – Successfully building a business! Then, he hit a deer while riding his motorcycle (a tad bit above the speed limit) directly from the right side, just on the front wheel!

This wasn’t a ‘near-death’ experience – he remarkably didn’t even CRASH! This was a moment of clarity and performance!

After learning the reason, and how he didn’t crash, his focus shifted from trying to master the myriad of external “stuff”, to mastering the only environment that really matters – the mind!

The reason Clay didn’t crash was simple, as he puts it, “The way my brain was operating leveled me up to ‘superhuman performance’!”

Applying his 30 years of experience training adults, combined with his diverse set of experiences in military and corporate systems, overlaid with an entrepreneurial spirit, he now helps business owners and executives apply daily practices to safely enter and exit the state of flow and perform in ways they have only dreamed of!

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Clay Green. Connect @ enthusiasticlay.com
"I believe life is better when we recognize and accept the significance and unexpected impact of our base fears and desires.”

"What do I mean by that?

There’s a deeper program running in the background that most are not even aware of. It’s always running, always affecting every aspect of our lives!" Clay Green

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Interview Clay Green Coach Flow Performance
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