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Motivation Is An Illusion | Ep 68

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Motivation Is An Illusion | Ep 68
It's not about passion; passion is bullshit. Passion is fleeting.

You got to have a reason to want to do something, to get out of bed in the morning, you got to find that. It's not about passion; passion is bullshit. Passion is fleeting. You need a purpose; it doesn't have to be grand, it doesn't have to be earth-shattering, it doesn't have to be mountain moving sea parting, it just needs to be meaningful to you. You must have a reason, with an end in mind, a goal in mind, a lifestyle you want to live, an amount of money you want to have, a level of freedom, something that will keep you going past the initial torque of motivation, the horsepower of your life.

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Action Steps

  • Gratitude: grateful walk in the morning, moving, breathing
  • If there were no limits what would your life look like?
  • What do you really want even if you think you can't achieve it?
  • What beliefs do you have about life, your life, what’s possible for some like you? Can you change them?
  • What habits can you start to create so you can be living the life you want?
  • What habits can you get rid of that are not serving you and moving you towards the life you want?

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