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Meet Chris Cannon: Empowering Men & Women | Ep 83

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Chris Cannon: Empowering Men & Women | Ep 83
Chris Cannon, The Confidence Academy & Guyology Secrets

In this episode, I talk with Chris Cannon, a nationally recognized speaker and creator of The Confidence Academy™. With over 15 years of experience and hundreds of highly satisfied clients, his work has been featured internationally and frequently quoted by industry experts. Audiences often express their appreciation for the positive impact his award-winning, interactive, nontraditional presentations have on them. Chris provides practical, powerful strategies that produce real results and can be implemented immediately!

He skillfully teaches how to go from tragedy to triumph, from pitiful to powerful, and from regrets to rewards. As a committed husband and father with a strong belief in investing in people, he draws this strength from his family. Shortly after graduating from Eastern Michigan University, he began sharing his personal journey of becoming a victim of your own choices, which is transforming lives as far-reaching as the continent of Africa.

His story about decisions defining you, overcoming obstacles and self-doubt, while staying resilient and focused in the midst of adversity routinely brings audiences to their feet! Audience participants from entrepreneurs, employees, to guests at major international conferences walk away equipped and empowered with a sense of HOPE! This supports his philosophy; “The battle is not lost unless you accept defeat.”

Chris has also incorporated his personal relationship experiences over the years, into a framework that now helps women attract marriage-minded men. Guyology Secrets and The Confidence Academy both, represent the legacy that he desires to live.

Our conversation focuses on confidence, self-talk, and self-image. Chris has some great tips on choosing the right words we say to ourselves and more on empowering us to a better life.

Enjoy the episode!

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Meet Chris Cannon

Chris Cannon of The Confidence Academy & Guyology Secrets
Chris Cannon of The Confidence Academy & Guyology Secrets

Chris' mission is to equip individuals and organizations with the tools needed to maximize their purpose, passion, and potential for growth.

Confident On Command

Chris’ Confident On Command

Learn more about Confident On Command here

Guyology Secrets

Want to Skip The Disappointment With Dating & Experience Love At The Highest Level?


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Your body language may shape who you are

Your body language may shape who you are | Amy Cuddy

30 Seconds on Power Poses

30 Seconds on Power Poses

Doorway Drill

Like anything, becoming a Jedi Knight requires constant exercise.

“You can practice,” Jordan told me, “by practicing these things every time you walk through a door. The doorway is the reminder that you have to practice.”

Every time you walk through a doorway, think of it as your mentor, your coach. Do these things:

a) Straighten yourself up. This is important to me. I tend to slouch. I probably add an inch to my height now when I walk through a doorway.

b) Smile. Even when you fake-smile, it lowers stress and anxiety. I need this. It’s better than a drug.

c) Head up, Chin up, Open Body Language. I don’t know. Just try it. It works.

I think if you fake “c”, then it won’t work. I imagine situations where I DESERVE to have my chin up and head up and then I really feel it. That’s the practice.

One thing I know: What’s inside your body and mind, creates the world outside your body and mind.

What’s inside you becomes like a pebble you throw into the middle of the ocean. It ripples out and hits every shore.

Source jamesaltucher.com/blog/5-incredible-things-live-charmed-life

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